Stickers vs Chiefs Screen Shot

Stickers vs Chiefs

I started a new mid-week league run by 3M. The league is made up mostly of current 3M employees, and former 3M’ers like myself. There are a small number of players who simply know one of the two previous mentioned 3M’ers. I was a contractor at 3M for close to a year until out department was eliminated.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect skill-wise going into the game, but I was pleasantly surprised at the speed and skill of the players on both teams. My team doesn’t have a lot of scoring power, but I like how they play in the defensive zone, covering the back door, tying up sticks in front of the net, and clearing the zone. I think the lack of speed the Stickers exhibit is due to our overall age. We don’t have any young skaters on out team.

I kept us close, and gave us a chance to win. I’m told we’re one of the lower teams in the league and should see some rubber in future games (which is what a goalie to a new team wants to hear).

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