Hosers vs. GMI Generals Screen Shot

Hosers vs. GMI Generals

This was a tough MNWAHL winter season loss for the team. We had a short bench (7 skaters) and battled hard, but came up one short in a 3-2 losing effort. Two back-door goals where the opposing player snuck in unnoticed doomed us. I felt I played well, stopping 30 shots, and gave the boys a shot to win the game, we just ran out of gas in the end.

Overall my positioning and rebound control was solid in this game. I had an active glove too that snaged a number of pucks out of the air. I did not get flashy with the windmill saves though, more of the Statue of Liberty glove save where I just held it there, looking at it till the whistle blew.

Credit where credit is deserved, my buddy Shawn played a solid game at the other end of the ice.  Some days I just wish he would be a siev though and make it an easy night for us. Is that too much for a goalie to ask for?

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